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Project overview

GeelongPort is expanding its port operations and developing the Geelong Hydrogen Hub as part of its energy precinct.

The establishment of the Geelong Hydrogen Hub is yet another step toward achieving our goal of becoming Australia’s most sustainable bulk port and will help progress GeelongPort toward its emissions reduction targets.

The Geelong Hydrogen Hub is part of GeelongPort’s growing energy precinct, a production and distribution facility for green hydrogen that will accelerate Victoria’s transition to clean energy and create jobs for the future.

We recognise that climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our times, and we need to do everything we can to respond and minimise the impact that climate change will have on our lives and communities.

As a port operator and critical regional gateway for Victoria’s supply chains, we need to proactively respond to the impacts of climate change to ensure continued sustainability and resilience of businesses and communities that rely on us so heavily.

About the Hydrogen Hub

The Geelong Hydrogen Hub will include the necessary infrastructure to help us create a port for the future. Infrastructure to be delivered to establish the Geelong Hydrogen Hub includes:

Geelong Hydrogen Hub elements

Geelong Hydrogen Hub elements

The Geelong Hydrogen Hub will become a production and distribution facility for green hydrogen. Green hydrogen will be produced at the Geelong Hydrogen Hub and infrastructure will be developed to enable its distribution to businesses that need it for energy supply, including energy retailers, for medium to large scale use. Necessary pier infrastructure will be built to facilitate ship operations. These facilities will complement GeelongPort’s existing world class infrastructure and operations.

Geelong Hydrogen Hub partners

GeelongPort has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Fortescue Future Industries (FFI) to undertake a joint feasibility study to construct a green hydrogen production facility in Geelong.

Through this feasibility study, GeelongPort and FFI will map key operational and commercial plans for the project and develop a potential production timeline. The study will also assess the suitability of an optimal site within GeelongPort.

Under the MOU, GeelongPort and FFI expect to complete the joint feasibility study by the end of 2023, and a final investment decision is expected to be made at the end of 2024.

It will focus on assessing the accelerated implementation of a large-scale production facility from green hydrogen and preferred derivatives, including ammonia, for export and domestic use.

We are excited to partner with a leading global green energy company on this potentially transformative study.

This collaboration is yet another milestone in GeelongPort’s journey to become Australia’s most sustainable bulk port and to help accelerate Victoria’s transition to clean energy.

Community consultation

GeelongPort has a strong focus on community and stakeholder engagement and is focused on developing the Geelong Hydrogen Hub in partnership with our community stakeholders.

Consultation is key and Geelong has a real opportunity to showcase the benefits of hydrogen and the environmental benefits associated with it.

We will share results of the joint feasibility review with the local community and will continue to engage throughout the process.

Seeking expressions of interest

GeelongPort is seeking further expressions of interest from commercial energy market participants who are considering either importing or exporting green hydrogen or using green ammonia to service domestic and overseas markets.

We are also seeking expression from local businesses who wish to access green hydrogen as a sustainable fuel source and help reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of their operations and contribute to a clean energy future.

Please complete the following survey if you are interested in partnering with GeelongPort to grow the Geelong Hydrogen Hub and establish Geelong as a leader in the development of green hydrogen and the transition to clean energy.